Alaska Al-Anon Family Groups

WSO Guidelines

All guidelines are a collection of shared experience and can be adapted by the membership. To obtain a Portable Document Format (PDF) copy of the WSO guidelines, click on the desired item listed below

Members Interested in Speaking (G-01)
When you are asked as a member of Al-Anon or Alateen to speak before an audience for the first time…
Beginners' Meeting (G-02)
Beginners’ Meetings are an important part of our Al-Anon Family Groups. Members introduce newcomers to the Al-Anon program as well as inform them about the disease of alcoholism. .
Cooperation between Al-Anon and A.A (G-03)
Tradition Six specifically states that Alanon is separate entity. Therefore, in keeping with this Tradition, there can be no combining, joining, or uniting which would result in the loss of identity of either fellowship.
Al-Anon Information Services (AIS) (G-04)
An Al-Anon information service is a local service center established by one or more groups or districts…
Alateen Meetings in Schools (G-05)
This guideline offers tips for Al-Anon members interested in starting an Alateen meeting in a school.
Area Literature Coordinators (G-06)
Area Literature Coordinators are a vital link in Al-Anon service, carrying the message of recovery and unity through Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature (CAL)…
Al-Anon/Alateen Participation in an AA Area Convention (G-07)
When Al-Anon and Alateen members are planning to participate in an AA area convention whether at the local area or AA regional level, it is well to remember that Al-Anon is present at the convention by invitation.
Taking A Group Inventory (G-08)
Taking a periodic group inventory helps to keep your group healthy and invigorated.
Public Outreach Service, Outreach to Institutions (G-09)
Public Outreach informs the general public through the media, professionals, facilities and organizations about who we are, what we do, and how to get in touch with us…
Public Outreach Service, Outreach to the Public and Media (G-10)
Public Outreach informs the general public through the media, professionals, facilities and organizations about who we are, what we do, and how to get in touch with us…
Group Representative (G-11)
The group representative (GR) is a vital link in the continuing functioning, growth and unity of world Al-Anon.
Starting an Al-Anon Group (G-12)
Starting and building a healthy group is a spiritual undertaking. The district, the area, and the WSO are available to offer information, support, and encouragement. Al-Anon is a “we” program — you don’t need to go it alone!
Suggested Programs for Meetings (G-13)
Al-Anon groups are the heart of the Al-Anon program — great meetings insure healthy groups! Varying the meeting topics and planning specific programs keeps the group healthy, alive and interesting.
Services in Correctional Facilities (G-14)
Statistics show that many inmates/residents are incarcerated as a result of alcohol and drug abuse and/or the effects of the disease. Establishing.
District Meetings (G-15)
The district representative (DR) is the link in the service chain that connects the groups with a geographical boundary…
Alateen Conferences (G-16)
An Alateen Conference is an opportunity for Alateen members and Alateen Group Sponsors to increase their understanding of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions through the sharing of ideas, fun and fellowship…
Literature Distribution Centers (G-18)
Al-Anon literature distribution centers (LDCs) provide Al-Anon members with local access and quick delivery of Al-Anon books, pamphlets, kits, posters, films, guidelines, and other Al-Anon material.
Starting an Alateen Group (G-19)
Starting an Alateen group is a spiritual undertaking. It takes time, commitment, the support of one or more Al-Anon groups, and patience…
Al-Anon/Alateen Area Conventions (G-20)
An area convention is an occasion for Al-Anon and Alateen members to gather for fun and fellowship, to celebrate their beginnings, enhance their understanding of the program, and to find ways to attract new members.
Guidelines for Newsletter Editors (G-21)
A newsletter can be a source of information, unity and harmony for a district, area, or information service.
A Meeting on Wheels (G-22)
A meeting on wheels is an opportunity for Al-Anon and Alateen members to demonstrate what a meeting is like to potential members, professionals and others interested in learning about the help and hope available in our fellowship…
Area Alateen Coordinators (G-24)
Congratulations! You have accepted an exciting, gratifying and challenging area of service. As an Alateen Coordinator, you play a vital role in the well-being of Al-Anon/Alateen as a whole.
The Open Al-Anon Meeting (G-27)
Many groups hold special open meetings for occasions such as their group anniversary. Some groups that generally are considered “closed” hold periodic meetings open to the public. In some cases, several groups get together and hold an open meeting for public outreach.
Public Outreach Service, Outreach to Professionals (G-29)
Public Outreach informs the general public through the media, professionals, facilities, and organizations about who we are, what we do, and how to get in touch with us…
Area Archives (G-30)
One of the best ways to protect the future of the Al-Anon fellowship in an area is to look to the past…
Ordering Literature (G-31)
As the person who orders literature for your Al-Anon group, you have an exciting opportunity to bring the treasury of Conference Approved Literature (CAL) and other Al-Anon material to each person seeking recovery in Al-Anon…
Area Forum Coordinators (G-32)
Area Forum Coordinators encourage groups and members to submit sharings to The Forum and to subscribe…
Alateen Safety Guidelines(G-34)
Alateens are members of the Al-Anon fellowship who have suffered because of the alcoholism of a loved one. They have come to Alateen seeking recovery. Before recovery can take place, an environment of trust and safety must exist…
Group Records Coordinator (G-36)
The area group records coordinator serves as the nuts and bolts of the communication connection between the Al-Anon and Alateen member, the group, district, information service, area, the entire service structure, and the World Service Office (WSO).
District Representative (G-37)
The District Representative (DR) is an important link between the groups and the area assembly…
Area Public Outreach Coordinator (G-38)
Public Outreach informs the general public through the media, professionals, facilities, and organizations about who we are, what we do, and how to get in touch with us…
Electronic Al-Anon Meeting Guideline (G-39)
Al-Anon Family Groups acknowledge the potential and value of the Internet and other electronic communications media for communicating information about Al-Anon and offering hope and comfort to the families and friends of alcoholics…
Guideline for Al-Anon Web Sites (G-40)
The Internet is an economical communication media that many of the Al-Anon Family Groups’ links of service use to reach potential newcomers, professionals, the media, and the general public…
Reserve Fund Guideline (G-41)
This guideline has materialized as a result of requests from the membership for guidance in determining what an ample reserve would be for an Area, district, or group.