Alaska Al-Anon Family Groups

About Phone-in Meetings

For a list of phone-in or zoom meetings, click here.

For Meetings that use Zoom (audio and video)

Digital Anonymity

Your name in zoom may have your full first and last name. To update your name for anonymity, go to your zoom profile settings online outside of the meeting call and it will universally update your profile for all fo the meetings you attend. Alternatively, to update while in the meeting, click the three dots at the bottom of the screen and select “rename”. You will need to do this for each meeting.


The call is set up so everyone is muted when they join. Please only unmute yourself when you’re actively talking so we can focus on the speaker and not hear background noises/notifications. You can either use the space bar to “push to talk” (like a walkie-talkie) for short things, like introductions or you can mute/unmute yourself in the bottom left corner when you’re sharing. 

Speaker View vs. Gallery View

Toggle in the top right corner.
Speaker – big window with whomever is talking and everyone else in a little line.
Gallery – like the Brady Bunch!

Please be mindful of our time container and the number of folks participating.

7th Tradition
Donate to WSO for 7th tradition, including credit card, PayPal, and recurring bank drafts:

Please also consider donating to your local Al-Anon Information Services, District, and Area.

Zoom instructions
This is a video with basic instructions for downloading and joining a Zoom meeting on your laptop:

This is a video with basic instructions for downloading and joining a Zoom meeting on your smartphone:

This video is longer and more detailed  It explains how to host a meeting and several other the details of how to use Zoom.

Use of any particular technology or platform does not indicate endorsement by Al-Anon.


For more information and meeting schedules  or including meetings in several different languages. IMPORTANTThis links to a site outside of Alaska Area Al-Anon. We have provided this link to offer you the most information on Al-Anon Family Groups. 

Electronic meetings, like all Al-Anon meetings, agree to abide by the spirit of the Twelve Traditions. Each Al-Anon member is responsible for keeping the electronic meeting focused on Al-Anon recovery and discussion of Al-Anon related topics. Al-Anon will always be what we—its members—make it. Confidentiality of sharings may be more difficult to maintain for some Internet services.  If you have a need for anonymity, you may want to discuss it further with your internet service provider. For safety reasons, currently electronic Alateen meetings are not permitted.

Following are the electronic phone meetings that are registered at the World Service Office (WSO). The WSO registers meetings at their request, confident that they will abide by Al-Anon Traditions and that their meetings will be open to any Al-Anon member. Registering, however, does not constitute approval of any meeting’s manner of practicing the Al-Anon program. For information on how to access the meeting, please get in touch with the electronic meeting contact, Web site url, or e-mail provided.

Phone #1: (712) 432-8733 Code 52639#

Phone Etiquette:
a. Dial *70 to temporarily disable your call waiting. If not, we may hear your other conversation or the beeping
b. When you dial in you will start the conference being muted.
c. Stay muted at all times unless you are sharing. You can un-mute by pressing your *1 key . You will hear a voice say “you are now un-muted”.
d. Please do not use a speaker phone for sharing or we will all hear an echo. Some speaker phones will not mute even when pressing your *1 key.